Fabric Technologies
What is AlterKnit™ ?

AlterKnit is a fabric technology that knits up to four colors at once to create intricately patterned fabrics.

Typically, combining multiple colors increases a fabric’s weight or causes uneven surfaces. What’s more, to achieve these designs, manufacturers often generate large amounts of textile waste or use dyes and chemicals that leak in the wash.

AlterKnit is the exception. It combines color, comfort, and sustainable production for a fabric that’s silky smooth, lightweight, and kinder to the environment.

Why did we create it?

Driven by our commitment to innovation and sustainability, Pailung helps manufacturers meet the growing demands of the textile industry while reducing their impact on the environment.

AlterKnit aims to raise the bar for knitted fabric and pattern quality while simultaneously reducing resource consumption, textile waste, and water pollution.

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