Discover the advantages
of knitting in footwear


Combine colors, patterns and textures into thousands of different design possibilities — while also decreasing environmental impact. A whole new world of creative potential 
gives designers the opportunity to breathe life into new ideas and designs


Solve the breathability challenge once and for all with a knitted structure that naturally encourages air flow. The space between each sturdy knit promotes ventilation and allows trapped heat and moisture to escape into the air.


A knitted structure provides support, flexibility, and an extraordinarily comfortable fit — something most other uppers just can’t match. The snug-fit wraps around wearers’ feet, 
just like socks, while also giving support in all the right places.


Knitted shoe uppers keep shoes light with a production process that uses less of 
everything — from glue to lining to stitches. A lighter shoe can improve foot fitness by lowering the impact caused by unnecessarily heavy shoes.

For sport shoes, casual shoes
....and more
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