Company Profile

At Pailung our goal is to help brands, designers and manufacturers develop innovative fabric technologies that boldly
transform end results.

Along with our extensive research and development services, the addition of Pailung’s Open Innovation Lab puts into motion a dynamic new method of building knitting machines. We believe the solution to creating lasting innovation lies not only in our ability to build great knitting machines, but in our willingness to engage and collaborate with ambitious clients.

Our powerful knitting machines are custom built for brands, designers, textile manufactures, and contractors in the fashion, home, healthcare, and environmental textile industries.

We not only collaborate with our clients to build better knitting machines, but build and ship them faster then anyone else in the industry, allowing us to keep pace with our clients most challenging needs and aspirations.

Company Milestones

  • 1977Pailung Machinery Mill Co. Ltd. established
  • 1980Business expands to Malaysia and Thailand markets
  • 1981Awarded Taiwan’s Golden Dragon for design
  • 1993Awarded for Terry and Striper machine design
  • 2003New machines developed for US market
  • 2004StayFleece fabric technology developed
  • 2006New factory established in Hu Bei, China
  • 2009Partnership with Vanguard Supreme in US established
  • 2010StyleSpacer fabric technology developed
  • 2012MultiFleece fabric technology developed
  • 2013Hidden Champion
  • 2014Introduction of inverse platting knitting machine
  • 2015Introduction of multi-funtional circular knitting machine